Drop Italia Srl

Street name: Via Ettore Sambo, 19

Zip Code: 59100

City: Prato (PO)

Country: Italy 

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DROP the Natural Choice!


Phone: +39 0574 1746818

e-mail: info@dropitalia.com

Drop an Italian company, founded more than 20 years ago in the heart of Tuscany (Italy), our mission is to quench our customers all over the World with our quality Made in Italy

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Hello, my name is Massimiliano Marconi, and I founded this company in 1998.

My idea comes from a dream: give to the people a smile.

Not a simple smile, but a smile that arises spontaneously when we have finished drinking or eating something good, something that satisfies us and makes us happy.

My motto has always been "The Nature that quenches!".

This is because I have always wanted to use natural and high quality raw materials, looking for those flavors and the unique aromas that only nature can give us.
I spent my life creating recipes, experimenting and trying to improve my products every day.
Speaking with customers, hundreds of personalized recipes have been developed on the customs and traditions of the sales countries.
The ability to create new recipes has always been a great strength.
Drop is for the customer a reliable partner and his best consultant: we have never placed ourselves as simple suppliers but we have always talked with our Customers/Distributors to try to understand what were the real needs of the final consumer.
This policy or way of doing, however strenuous and demanding, has led to slow but constant growth over time.
Today Drop is a company present on various International markets: America, Europe and Asia.
We use ony Italian raw materials and fruit except for exotic tastes that do not grow in Italy.
A great attention to quality and details are what distinguishes us in the market.
The craftsmanship of processing products, combined with modern technology allow us to ensure quaity and consistency in supplies.
The production takes place completely automatically from the processing of raw materials up to the final stage of bottling which takes place in a nitrogen-protected atmosphere.

All packages are certified food and paraben free (BPA Free) therefore suitable for children.

All our production are:


1. gluten-free
2. GMO free (genetically modified organisms)
3. without palm oil

4. Vegan

5. No artificial flavors

6. No artificial colorings